About TRIA

Founded in 2009, located in the Netherlands and serving many clients ever since. In order to reach our goals we apply a mixture of the following skills and services:

  • S(earch) E(ngine) O(ptimization)
  • Content writing
  • Link building
  • Software Development
  • (High Availability) Server Managment

Traffic boost

Just by boosting traffic doesn`t mean your revenue will grow. We are able to boost traffic consisting of very interested costumers. For instance: customers who just used Google in search for any of your products.

By optimizing your current website and / or creating honeypots for your business, revenue will certainly grow. Although this sounds simple, it is a very time consuming job on the long run.

Search Engine Optimization is the name of a activity which tries to improve website rankings in search engine`s. This actvity consists of multiple services. It all starts with a review of the content found on the target website. How many websites are recommending that website? How fast is it`s webserver? Can Google™ (and humans) browse this website easily? These are just a few essentials.
Writing good quality content is necessary to catch Google`s™ interest. But the content should also be readable by humans. Content needs to contain target keywords, but not too many of them. Because when out of balance, search engines tend to mark it as spam which is bad.
Enhancement of Google`s™ result positions can also be positively influenced by building a network of refering websites. Websites which point out to the target website will boost the target website`s reputation. But everything needs to be balanced: too many incoming links from certain neighberhoods can be considered bad for the rankings.



Improving rankings of your website against a given set of target keywords. This way traffic grows and sales will go up.


Attracting more customers can also be done by using carefully crafted honeypots: websites which will be ranked inside Google™ to "catch" visitors in order to redirect them to the main target website. We can create these effective honeypots.

Server maintenance

Maintaining a webserver is just as critical as filling a website with good quality content and products to sell. We know how to maintain servers and keep things going.

Software development

Clever software can perform a lot of tasks, more efficiently than humans probably ever can. We develop intelligent software.

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